The Group’s philosophy is to promote the harmonious and autonomous development of each company that makes up the group by enhancing the culture and expertise of each. Each firm is financially independent and autonomous.

We are nonetheless united in sharing skills:

  • Purchasing synergy (bulk purchasing)
  • Common support functions (accounting, management control, HR, IT, marketing management)
  • Sharing of experience
  • The exchange of inter-site skills

… and the attachment to common values.

1- Customer’s respect and satisfaction

2- Mutual respect between employees and individual consideration by the management

3- Respect for the products and our environment

4- Pursuit of performance as a guarantee of our durability and fulfilment

5- Challenge as constant source of progress

Why we exist


the family history and know-how: Philippe Gendreau, 4th génération, perpetuates the family success by diversifying production and adapting his expertise to new culinary trends.


through taste and packaging, to meet all consumption needs: develop culinary and technological imagination, to meet the needs of consumers in search of pleasure and convenience.


with our teams for our customers, thanks to efficient and certified industrial tools, without forgetting the history and traditions that have made our brands successful.

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