Boulogne sur Mer municipal archives

Located near Boulogne sur Mer and specialising in canned fish, Petit Pierre started out producing tinned herring, known as “Produits de Boulogne”.

The last fish cannery in the Hauts de France region, it draws on its Boulogne roots to produce the very best from the sea, combining tradition and modernity. Its activity then diversified with the launch of mackerel and canned tuna salads. Petit Pierre relies on a modern production site and high-performance equipment to support its creative drive and offer products that are simple or elaborate, traditional or innovative, both in France and in Europe.

Sourcing fresh herring from artisanal trawlers in Boulogne-sur-Mer enables Petit Pierre to offer a range of products made from fresh, local fish from fisheries certified as responsible and sustainable (MSC).

This approach guarantees quality products for consumers, such as its traditional product, herring pilchards with tomato and oil, and its revisited recipe, herring with old-fashioned mustard.

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Expertise : tinned fish, tinned salads





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Petit Pierre, supporting the S.N.S.M.

Since 2020, Petit Pierre has been working with the Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer in Boulogne-sur-Mer, a historic station founded in 1825.

For every 190g box of Petit Pierre Pilchard Herring Tomato sold, €0.15 is donated to the local S.N.S.M.