Archives municipales de Boulogne sur Mer

Located near Boulogne sur Mer and specialised in canned fish, Petit Pierre began its activity by producing canned herring, known as “Produits de Boulogne”. Last fish cannery in the Hauts de France region, it draws on its Boulogne roots to produce the best of the sea, midway between tradition and modernity.  This know-how has been perpetuated for almost a century thanks to a traditional method of filleting and encasing by hand. Its activity then diversified with the launch of mackerel and canned tuna salads. Petit Pierre relies on a modern production site and a high-performance tool at the service of its creative will to offer simple or elaborate, traditional or innovative products, both in France and in Europe.

The supply of fresh herring from the artisanal trawlers of Boulogne sur Mer enables Petit Pierre to offer a range of products from fresh local fishing and from fisheries certified as responsible and sustainable (MSC).

This approach guarantees quality products to the consumer, such as its traditional product, herring pilchards with tomato and oil, as well as its revisited recipe, herring with old-fashioned mustard.

Brands : Petit Pierre

Expertise : canned seafood and salads